Glory: 38



Walking inside of the newly furnished mansion, I showed Lia around. This house meant a lot to me, it was my first house I’ve had built from the ground up. I had put the construction on hold, but once I knew Malia and I were serious I resumed the process.

"This house is fucking gorgeous,…

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Glory: 38


Walking inside of the newly furnished mansion, I showed Lia around. This house meant a lot to me, it was my first house I’ve had built from the ground up. I had put the construction on hold, but once I knew Malia and I were serious I resumed the process. 

"This house is fucking gorgeous, we should’ve brought little Tamia. I see you got a swing set and shit out back." Her smile she wore caused me to smile. Seeing my girl happy made my fucking day, hell made my week. 

I missed seeing that bright ass smile on her face, before everything occurred she would smile all the damn time. I couldn’t get her to stop, and that’s how I want it to be. This vacation is for us to get back to our happy place. 

"I had those put in especially for her and my shorty." I rubbed her small baby bump. "I can already tell this little nigga gone be spoiled by you." I smiled, nodding my head. "Of course, I’m a spoil HER like I spoil you." I smirked. 

She smiled, shaking her head. “First off, we having a boy and second I’m not fucking spoiled.” I chuckled,throwing my arm over her shoulder. “You spoiled rotten, you may think you not but your ass is spoiled.” I kissed her cheek.

"Whatever nigga, show me the rest of the house. " I couldn’t help but laugh at her, taking her hand I lead her into the master suite. "Oh my, this is nice as fuck." She let my hand go looking around. 

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I watched her as she slipped off her shoes and walked around. “This is nice baby, you got good ass taste.” She smiled wide, walking over to me. 

She stood between my legs, rubbing my head. ” Thanks ma.” I wrapped my arms around her waist, standing and flipping her back on the bed as I laid between her thick ass thighs. Them muthafuckers were like heaven. 

She laughed, causing a smile to appear on my face. “You gone let daddy fuck?” I smirked as she rolled her eyes playfully. “Nigga, who said you was getting some? Not I.” I smirked. 

"Malia, don’t act like my name ain’t written all over that pussy. Now come on let’s go get ready for this dinner." I drew my hand back and smacked her ass hard, her soft moans filled my ears as I smiled. 

Shorty just don’t know, I’m a murder that pussy, I haven’t been deep in her walls in months and tonight, I’m tearing every wall inside of her up. “Stop, always touching my ass.” 

I couldn’t take her ass, she was too damn much. “It’s mine.” I stood, smacking and grabbing her ass cheeks. Kissing her perfect lips I walked into the bathroom and turned the shower on. 

"Malia, bring your ass on!" I yelled from the bathroom. I grabbed a few towels and noticed Malia hardheaded ass didn’t respond, so I walked out the bathroom to see where her ass wondered off too. 

Malia laid stretched across the king sized canopy, sleeping. “You have got to be fucking kidding me…” I trailed off.  I shook her body lightly. “Malia…..Malia.” I shook her twice more but her little ass was not budging. 

She turned her body over, lying on her side with her back to me. I swear this girl always got give me a hard time. Since she’s become pregnant her really doesn’t listen and it fucking gets on my nerves.

"Leave me the hell alone, I’m tired." I smacked my lips. I lifted her sundress and drew my hand all the way back and slapping her bare ass cheek her eyes widen and screeched out loud. 

"CHRIS WHAT THE FUCK!" She screamed out, jumping up and slapping me in my chest. I couldn’t help but laugh at her ass. "You mad or nah?" I joked. I saw the corners of her mouth curl as she smiled big and laughed. 

Boy, that laugh could brighten my damn day and she knew it. Mali was my damn weakness and the only person other than my mama that can make a nigga change. Shorty just don’t know how much she means to me. 

"Go shower before our food gets cold." I said. She turned her head and looked around the large bedroom. "Where is the food?" She asked. Her greedy ass. "Downstairs, hurry up boo." She sighed and walked inside the bathroom. 

"Hurry up, we ain’t got all day…" 


"Rushing me and shit, you get on my fucking nerves." I smirked. "Let’s see if your ass is going to act like that later on." She scoffed, throwing her hand in my face. I kissed the palm of her hand. 

I loved making shorty mad, it was complete and utter comedy. When she sees that I’m unbothered by it she gets been more mad and it’s pure fucking comedy. I couldn’t help but laugh.

"Sit ya ass down and fucking eat, I know my shorty got you hungry as hell." She plopped down in her seat across from me, pouting. "Just bring the food on so I can go to sleep, a bitch is fucking tired." I laughed. 

"You ain’t getting no sleep, no time soon baby." Licking over lips, I eyed her thick frame. My dick hardened as my eyes stopped at her thick thighs. She wore this short little romper that hugged every curve on her body. 

Malia had the baddest body I’ve ever seen on a damn woman. Hips sat our right and that ass, just one look made my dick completely hard. “Stop fucking staring nigga.” My eyes wandered up to hers as she rolled them.

"Why you acting like that baby?" I leaned over and kissed her lips. The personal chef I hired walked over with our food, sitting it in front of us. Her mouth watered when she saw the food. "You got a chef?" She asked, never taking her eyes off the food. 

"Yeah, I know how much you love that sea food shit, so instead of going out I brought the sea to us." I gave her a cheesy smile as she giggled digging right into her food. "This is really good baby." I nodded. 

We enjoyed the food, talking and discussing our unborn child. I could tell she was just as excited me and I was glad. This is definitely what we needed. I could tell she’s genuinely happy that’s all that matters. 

"You ready for dessert?" I smirked. She looked up, smiling at me with lust-filled eyes. "Depends on what you trying to eat." She teased. I licked my lips, walking towards her and towering over her.

In a quick movement I picked her short ass up and threw her over my shoulder, smacking her ass cheek and watching it jiggle. “You guys can lock up when y’all done packing up the left overs.” I looked over at the chef who wore a sly smirk.

"Chris put me the hell down." She laughed as I walked out the kitchen and up to, the master suite. Walking into our bedroom I made sure to lock the door. I threw her ass on the bed and watched her bounce on the bed. I licked my lips and watched her full breasts bounce up and down. 

I pulled my shirt off my body, grabbing her legs and pulling her towards me with force. She has no fucking idea what her little ass is in for. All the shit she’s been talking for the last few months I’m putting an end to it.

"You ready?" 


Looking up into his dark brown eyes, my chest heaved up and down in anticipation. He ripped every stich of clothing I had on my body off. When I looked at him, I saw saint.

The nigga who played no games, the nigga who use to beat the pussy up with no remorse. I knew my ass was in for it, and I was indeed ready for him to fuck the shit out of me. 

Strongly fucking, that’s what I wanted more than anything. I’ve been dick deprived for the last few months and I was inching and thirsting to get this dick tonight. He better come through too, no acting like a bitch.

I stared back into his eyes as he eyed my body hungrily, licking over those sweet plump, pinks lips I felt my panties get moist. With much force,  his or should I say saint, flipped me on my stomach, smacking my ass cheeks over and over. 

My botom lip flew into my mouth, trying to suppress the urge to moan. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction that I was already about to give in and cum, all over myself. 

He gripped tightly onto my hair, yanking my head back. “I wanna hear you beg for this dick, Malia.” He growled deeply into my ear. Opening my mouth to utter a word was short lived once I felt his long, thick dick ram deeply into me. 

Gasping deeply, I felt my eyes roll back and my toes curls from the impact of his hard dick feeling my insides up. “Oh…my….fucking….GOD!!!” I screamed. He stroked me deep and hard hitting very spot and every one of my walls. 

I didn’t know if it was that I haven’t had any dick in months or his nigga dick grew a good 3 inches. Whatever it was, it was Making a bitch feell so damn good. My juices slipped right out of me and in his dick, wetting his entire shaft up.

Laying down forward with my back arched deeply and my ass in the air, I spread my knees apart and threw my ass back on his dick, making my ass cheeks clap together. 

He pressed his body against my back,licking and sucking the sweet part on my neck, making m cum instantly on his big ass dick. “You like that shit don’t you ma?” He grunted In my ear, ponding me deep.

"Ye-yes!" I shouted, trying to keep up with his long thrusts. My eyes rolled completely into the back of my head as I felt nothing but pleasure and lust. My pussy was dripping wet from the way he was fucking my insides up. 

"Yes what?" The sexiest I’ve ever heard moan flew from his parted lips making me cum over and over all over his dick and the shets beneath me. "YESSSS!!! FUCK ME DADDY!" I screamed loud, I’m pretty sure the chefs and every damn body else heard me. 

A bitch wasn’t caring at all. Fuck them, I needed my back blew the entire fuck out at the moment. “Throw that mothwrfuckin’ ass back ma.” He smacked his hand down on my ass cheeks. 

I began to throw my ass on a circle as I made it clap just for him. Whipping my hair over my shoulder, I looked back at him with love outfit eyes. “Like that daddy?” I not my lip, smirking. 

"Yeah, just like that baby! Fuck!" I he grunted, spreading my legs wider. He wrapped his arm oath do my waist and slipped his finger down and massaged my clit, ribbing and pinching it.  Straight teasing a bitch. 

My legs shook viciously as he picked up his pace and went deeper and harder, tearing my shit down. It was all over when I felt him hit my g-spot. A bitch never felt so damn good before. 

I surged hard a heavily, a waterfall squinted out f me as he pulled out and flipped me on my back. Pushing my legs back over my head, he smirked down at me and winked licking those perfect Pusey eating lips. 

Before I knew it, he attacked my clit with his lips and I lost it. I wrapped my legs around his head, squeezing his head between my thighs. 

His thick, warm tongue slipped deep inside of me making my eyes roll back. I ran my hands through his soft curls, pulling them. 

I was in pure bliss, my body shook uncontrollably as Chris buried his long tongue deep inside of me. I arched my back deeply, gasping loudly. 

The way he worked my pussy over with his mouth had my body just on a different plane, and goosebumps covered my skin. My mind was gone, and my body was on autopilot at this point.

It wasn’t long before I came all over his face and the sheets underneath us. I must’ve tasted fucking amazing because he didn’t hesitate to lick every drop of it off of me.

I decided to see for myself, and pulled him up by his curls making him hiss in pain. Before he could open his mouth to say something about it, I covered his mouth with mine exploring every inch of it with my tongue.

In the middle of our heavy make out session, I hooked my leg over his waist, flipping us so that I was on top of him. He looked up at me questioningly. I’m guessing he wasn’t sure if I could handle being on top.

This nigga must’ve forgot exactly who the fuck I was. I took my sweet time sliding down on his dick, savoring the feel of him filling me inch by agonizingly slow inch. 

I rode him nice and easy at first. Rocking my hips at a steady pace. Moans rolled off my tongue filling the room. I was damn pleased with the way Chris was responding under me.

He looked so fucking sexy with his eyes closed, lower lip embedded between his teeth with a thin layer of sweat forming on his brow. A groan would manage to fall from his lips every now and then from how my walls gripped him, fitting him like a glove.

I teased him, leaning over sucking the sensitive spot behind his ear, kissing up and down the stars there. The heat moving between the both of us pushed me to roll my hips faster, to grind harder on him. It was hot, heavy, deep dick, body to body fucking.

Me grinding on him turned into full on bouncing, our skin clapping against each other’s loudly. His strong hands gripped my ass tightly, locking us in a close embrace.

My moans and his groans mixed together almost melodically, turning me on even more. I was surprised he let me stay in control this long, and I wasn’t on my back with my knees at my ears. No sooner than I could fully form the thought, I’m on my back, and my legs are up on his shoulders.

He grinned this sneaky ass half grin looking down at me and latched on to my lip sucking it while pushing into me, teasingly giving me short strokes that barely grazed at my spot.

He was going to get enough of toying with my ass. I growled out in frustration at him trying to lift my to give me some type of damn satisfaction while he’s bullshitting. Do you know this bastard had the audacity to laugh at me? I could’ve punched him in his head for playing with me.

"Tell me what you want baby. I’ll give it to you." I wasn’t trying to tell him shit, but I wanted this nut, and I was going to do what I had to to get it.

I looked him square in his eyes putting on the sexiest voice I could and half-moaned, “Fuck me, baby…please,” I purred in his ear. He flashed a sexy smirk, spreading my legs further apart and rammed all ten inches of his length into to the deepest part of me. 

I gasped hard, my head falling back into the mattress as my body lifted off the bed in pure bliss. The headboard banged against the wall viciously as Chris digged deep inside of me. 

Chris hands gripped onto my waist, pulling my body back and forth on his dick. Moans spilled from my lips left and right. A bitch was gone, I didn’tknow what the hell to do with myself at this point. 

Rammming balls deep inside of me Chris pulled his dick out only leaving just the tip in, ramming back inside. Teasing me, he continued to do this for a few seconds. I looked up at him through low eyes. 

I desreately wanted to tell him to stop bit the only thing audible coming from my lips were my screams and cries for him not to stop. That only caused him to smirk even more, tearing my walls down. 

"This my shit?" He growled deeply, staring at me. I bit down hard on my bottom lip as I dug my nails deep into his forearms. I felt mylegs shaking and a familiar pinch deep in my stomach. 

I was well I. My way to busting a good ass nut. “AHHHH FUCK YESSSS!!! ITS ALWAYS BEEN YOURS BABY!” I moaned loudly, my juices flowing out me like a running faucet. 

Again, that only fueled the fire inside of him, he pushed my legs all the way back, my knees touching the mattress as heumded me deep in fast. The headboard slammed viciously against the wall as I heard the bed creak under us. 

Screaming loudly, I reached down and rubbed my clit hard while he thrust and rolled his hips into me. “Fuck this pussy!!!” I screeched loudly, pulling his face towards mine and kissing him hard.

He smacked my hand away hard. “I’m a make you cum.” He growled deeply, continuing to beat my shit up. 
“I’m a murder this pussy.” He said, smirking and wrapping my legs around his waist. 

My thighs shook uncontrollably as I squirted all over his bottom half and the sheets under us. In one swift movement I felt the mattress move and the bed frame break in half as we hit the hardwood floor. 

Both of our eyes widen. It that didn’t stop chits, at all. He continued to tear my shit up until he bust along nut deep inside of me. “You broke the bed.” He chuckled, catching his breath and kissing down my back. 

"Nah, that was you nogga. Can’t keep shit." I laughed and collapsed on the broken bed. "I love you Malia, more than anything." I smiled, turning my head so our eyes could connect. 

"I love you too baby." 


Wrapping the white towel around my waist, I walked inside he master bedroom. I glanced over at the bed, seeing Malia fine ass sprawled across it, naked.

 I licked my lips as I thought about how I just had her ass bent over touching her toes as I dug deep in her shit. Now, her little ass is knocked the fuck out. 

Walking over towards the bed, i look at my fat mama sleeping. Only god know how much I love this woman right here. She’s carrying my seed, we having a damn kid together. 

That shit still blows my mind. 

Never would’ve thought we’ll be having a fucking kid together. After the whole ordeal of her finding out my true motives I didn’t think we would’ve made it this far. 

Shit we both done our damn dirt but seem to have made out way back to one anther. I couldn’t live without her and I knew she wouldn’t and couldn’t live without me. 

She’s my rock and you could say a nigga was sprung off her short ass. Only she can make a nigga like me settle the fuck down. I was ready to marry shorty, but I knew her ass want doing that until we get this cartel shit settled.

"Why is your big bird ass staring at me?" She muttered with her eyes closed. I smirked and smacked the inner side of her thigh. "Cause I fucking want too. You and that slick ass mouth gon’ get it." I buckled again. 

"Whatever, what time is it?" She sprawled out on her back across the mattress and stretched. Her small baby bump showing, made me to smile. "It’s 8 in the morning. Your Sister called earlier.." I gave her, her phone and she quickly called her sister. 

"Hey T…where is Tamia?" She asked, smiling wide. "Woah…..what?…..slow the hell down, what happened?" I looked up at Malia as she dropped the phone, tears running down her cheeks. 

"Baby?" I called, but she didn’t answer. She started rocking back and forth and shaking her head fast. I quickly walked over to her and grabbed her body, pulling her into me. 

"Baby what happened? Talk to me." I started to panick. I feared the worst as she opened her mouth to speak. At first nothing came out. 

After give minutes of trying to gather her voice, she looked up at me with the saddest eyes and whispered “He’s dead……my daddy is dead!” 

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