You guys talk to me!!! Lol you can ask character questions and also if you want a prequel or the real story of malia and Chris drop into my inbox and let me know ☺️

Now you just done mind fucked the shit out of me. Nooooooooo don't leave me

Awwww I’m not leaving you hunny

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What's your next projects?

Ummmm maybe like a prequel to this? If I get enough messages I will do it.

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What other fanfics do u write?

Right now I’m currently writing two stories but I won’t be updating until maybe next week. I’ll post links for you :)

I'm gonna miss you😭😭😭😭😢😥

Awwww 😭😭😭 I’m not going anywhere hunny. I’ll still have this page so I can talk to you guys and I’ll still be writing too. 😌

Idk why but it won't let me read any chapters after 36 , it says the chapter numbers but has no link. can you give me the link to the chapters after 36.

I’m about to update the chapter list now sweetie 😌

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Glory: Epilogue.




“You son of a black bitch!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, clenching my fists together. “You’re his fucking son!” I couldn’t stop screaming even if I fucking tried.

Not only am I confused, but I’m hurt, devastated and ready to kill his. trifling ass! “Stop yelling.” He sat…

I want a new story tbh I feel like we already know how they met

That’s how they met in her dream. A lot of readers wanted to know the full story on how their life really is. Everything that transpired was a dream.

Hi my babies :)

I see that a lot of you guys want another story… About how they actually met. Like and reblog this if you want the prequel to this.   

The last chapter of glory is posted. Please leave feedback you guys okay bye. *runs away*